Traffic IS a major concern of mine. I put it as our #2 issue (after tax rates). After I became Mayor, Dayton stopped assessing residents for road repairs. We put in place a fee structure that put the burden of new road needs onto new development, thus ensuring that growth paid for new capacity as needed. Recently the State Supreme Court ruled that our fee structure was not allowed, so we put in place a moratorium on new development applications until we can figure out a way to legally require new development to pay for new capacity. We will likely model our fee structure on the way Maple Grove charges developers for projects in their city. In this way new capacity is not a cost current residents would be hit with.

Once we have this completely figured out we will have a lot of projects to build. A new interchange will be added to I-94 to access Dayton (opening 2021), making getting to and from the freeway MUCH easier (this was called the Brocton Interchange….it’s now called the Dayton Parkway Interchange). We will be re-doing Pineview between Fernbrook and South Diamond Lake Road (2020). I’m hoping to add lanes, improve safety, and include a trail (and trail crossing of Fernbrook) as part of this project. Eventually (probably within four years) we should pave Zanzibar (at least the northern half of it). Also, all projects along County Roads (DRR, Brockton, NDLR, and Fernbrook) are required to have enough Right of Way dedicated to accommodate four lanes (twice the current capacity). 
We try to plan our road projects up to ten years out, so that we are never “surprised” by the cost of a major road projec

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