The most important election in Dayton's history

The most important Dayton election EVER!

You have chosen to move to Dayton, in a development that is less than six years old.  I hope you love your neighborhood.  As Mayor I had input, and ultimately voted in favor of it.  We learn every time we approve a new neighborhood.  Having experience is essential to keep improving with each new development.

Or, like me, you have lived in Dayton for longer, maybe even generations.  We are experiencing the growth that we have always been told would happen, and we must make sure that with this growth we get the advantages, but yet not destroy what makes Dayton such a great community. 

Short timer or long timer, this is the most important time in Dayton’s history.  


So much is yet undone!

Two members of the Planning Commission are retiring, so are two members of the council.  This means a new Mayor would create a majority with little or no experience, and SO much needs to be done in the next two years.  If I’m the Mayor these will be my priorities, and they will affect YOUR neighborhood.


  • In 2019 the ten year Comprehensive Plan will be put in place. That is the ten year blueprint for development in the City.  When, where, and how the City develops (including parks, trails, and roads) will be dictated by this plan.  I’ve been working on this plan for two years. 
  • The Interchange will require a series of votes in 2019. It will be at least a $25 million dollar project.  I have invested over six years on this project, and much more needs to be done.  This will affect your commute, traffic in your neighborhood, and your taxes.
  • In 2019, votes to improve Pineview and Fernbrook will take place. I’ve been fighting to increase capacity, add a trail, and a connection to Elm Creek Park (connecting all the way to the Mississippi River). 

These are just a few of the many items that will be coming up in 2019.  This is why I believe 2018 is such an important election.  I have often said “Dayton’s history is the history of bad choices.”  We are making the right choices now.  Please keep us moving the right direction!


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