Why Run for Council?

In 2012 I ran for Mayor pledging that when I achieved all my goals, I would step down as Mayor.  I figured it would take ten years, but I achieved them in eight.  With aging and ill parents and with a council I trusted and respected, I felt this was a perfect year to “retire” from politics. 


While I’m comfortable with the candidates running for Mayor, I’m terrified by what I see on the council ticket.  It is possible that we could move from a council with 28 years of total experience, to a council with four years of total experience.  What is worse is the direction I see almost all of the candidates taking.  If all they have to offer is “cuts,” then get ready to live in a low quality community.  I talk about GROWTH – Growth in Parks; Growth in Home Value; Growth in Safety; Growth in Quality Entertainment, Recreation and Shopping.  I want Dayton to grow slowly in population, but quickly in quality.  I have plans to make that happen.  Please read my following pages to learn more.

A little about me


  • In charge of a $200 million dollar department at Target
  • Worked in the E-commerce division at Best Buy
  • Assisted over 700 small businesses at Play It Again Corporate Office

…and a love of Dayton;

  • Sixth generation Dayton family
  • Member of the Dayton Lions
  • Member of the Knights of Columbus
  • Founding member of the Dayton Historical Society
  • Member of the Parks Commission
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