A bit about me

I’ve been on the CIty Council for 14 years, 8 as Mayor.  Prior to become a member of the City Council the City had made the decision to bring in Met Council sewer.  As a result of that decision the flood gates were opened to development – on Met Council terms.  What followed was growth on Met Council’s time table, but with Dayton’s standards in place.

My record is clear (as you will see on my other pages on this site).  In the eight years I’ve been Mayor taxes have gone done, property values have gone up, and amenities have increased.

So why am I running for Council?

In 2012 I ran for Mayor pledging that when I achieved all my goals, I would step down as Mayor.  I figured it would take ten years, but I achieved them in eight.  With aging and ill parents and with a council I trusted and respected, I felt this was a perfect year to “retire” from politics. 


While I’m comfortable with the candidates running for Mayor, I’m terrified by what I see on the council ticket.  It is possible that we could move from a council with 28 years of total experience, to a council with four years of total experience.  What is worse is the direction I see almost all of the candidates taking.

 About my Experience

  • In charge of a $200 million dollar department at Target
  • Worked in the E-commerce division at Best Buy
  • Assisted over 700 small businesses at Play It Again Corporate Office

…and a love of Dayton;

  • Sixth generation Dayton family
  • Member of the Dayton Lions
  • Member of the Knights of Columbus
  • Founding member of the Dayton Historical Society
  • Member of the Parks Commission